Shells and Deer

Found Shell, Second Hand Shells, Glass Deer

Dream Drawings

The Poisonous Cat

The town is deserted
we hide in the chalk mines

You have come to
the edge of the earth

You think someone
is holding the rope
you are wrong

Graphite, Pencil


Blue Eggs

Plaster casts of egg interiors, Polka-dot bowl, Blue Sky / Feather cup, Blue Bird Perfume Bottle, Hat Pin, Pearl, Stocking, Wire

Anatomy Eggs

Plaster casts of egg interiors, Grey's Anatomy, Material Scissors, Stitch Marker, Pins, Hatpins, Wire, Foil

Dream Drawings

The tree tops
I am running through

I grew rows
and rows of new

The sharp spinning

In the room
you are making
paper animals

Graphite, Paper

Chicken Egg

Plaster cast of egg interior, Chicken eggcup, Nylon, Material Pins


Plates, Shells, Jars, bottles, Key, Needles, Vases, Feathers, Seeds, Bottle Stoppers, Labels, Phone Book, Cast Finger Tips, Orange House Object, String

Yellow Bowl, Spirals of Newspaper Cuttings

Eggs and Plates

Plaster casts of egg interiors, Found Objects: Plates, Hat Pins, Feathers, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Fur, Quartz, Chess Piece