31 Days of Practice | End of Week Two.


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'Multi-Grip' | Articulate project space

I'm currently in a group show at Articulate project space.

Open 11am - 5pm, Fri - Sun, July 12 to July 28 at Articulate project space 
497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt. NSW 2040. Australia.

MULTI_GRIP is an exhibition of work by artists Connie Anthes, Sue Callanan, Lynne Eastaway, Jane Gavan, Beata Geyer, Lesley Giovanelli, Adrian Hall, Georgina Pollard, Alicia Poppett, Margaret Roberts, Tania Rollond, Kathryn Ryan, Kelley Stapleton, Skye Wagner, Emma Wise and Ling Yuen.

'While the works come from whatever is currently happening in each artist's practice, the exhibition also reflects Articulate's focus on relationships artworks construct with their location. The spatial and physical nature of artworks mean they attach to their physical location in one way or another, and it is this physical relationship, as well as the expected multiplicity of those 'gripping' methods, that is acknowledged in the title.' (Articulate project space) 

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 Finger Grips for Stairs

 Finger Grips for Wall

Finger Grips for Floor

31 Days of Practice

For the month of July I'll be partaking in Gallery Red's 31 Days | Blur the Lines project. The concept and exhibition 'is about the artistic process, the ebb and flow of ideas and the resultant daily outcomes. This year’s theme, Blur the Lines reflects the interlude between the process and the final artwork. Blur the Lines refers to the loss of sight and the overlap of days as the ideas of one day bleed into the next, influencing and evolving the work until it becomes clear and reaches a resolution.' (Gallery Red).

Each day I'll be posting what I've made at 31 Days of Practice. While it may seem strange to deviate from Pieces of Practice, the intensive nature of the project and its enclosed time frame made another space seem more fitting.