Pieces of Practice | Articulate Project Space Project | Lodz Art and Documentation Festival

Booklet of drawings from my time working in the Articulate Project Space. As part of Articulate's Project Space Project documentation was sent to the Lodz Art and Documentation Festival in Poland in April 2012. The book has since returned.


Cardboard, Paper, Pen, Cotton, Label

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Paper. Sound. Fable | Sound Object Collaboration

Alex and I have been working on a new set of objects and sound pieces during our time at 107 Projects. We've co-authored a blog to document our process/progress.

Visit Paper. Sound. Fable.

'Melting Ice, Hanging Net' (details) | 107 Projects, Redfern

From Top: 'Domesticity', 'Melting Ice, Hanging Net' (details) File Boxes, Speakers, Wires, Masking Tape, Labels.


Domesticity is a fragment work that hangs somewhere between the exhibition and studio space. Inspired by the left over objects of Melting Ice, Hanging Net, and conversations with other artists on domestic chores, Alexandra's sounds of washing dishes, overhead aeroplanes, ukulele and washing machine evoke a space that is personal, commonplace and meditative, and links it to the sensibility of art works that are invariably 'left over'.

Domesticity audio by Alexandra Spence
Aeroplane, A washing machine cycle, Ukulele, Washing and stacking the dishes.