'Cutendpaste' | Articulate project space

Cutendpaste is a process project at Articulate. Here are some images from my first few days of working in the space:

Beam fungi

 Black and white paper remains

Wall fungi

Paper scroll objects

Cloth flower

Flower lace

Lace sponge


Paper trees in plastic bag

Paper eclipse, bird, fish and smoke

To follow my progress visit here
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From 27th October to 16th November, six artists: Linden Braye, Dorit Goldman, Anna Jaaniste, Melissa Maree, Margaret Roberts and Kathryn Ryan, will be working in Articulate project space. Cutendpaste concentrates on process rather than product. Cutendpaste documents each artist’s working practice, and hopes to highlight points of similarity, difference and relationship between their processes. Cutendpaste  is an opportunity to discuss, through making, what process is, why its important to each of us, and how this (often private) side of practice can be revealed to a public audience.
Opening: Friday, 31 Oct 6-8pm  
Closing, artist talks and drinks: Saturday 15 November 2-5pm

Articulate project space  
497 Parramatta Rd, 
Leichhardt. NSW 2040. Australia.